Best Make Android App Installs, Ratings You Will Read This Year

I love that there is one cost (no in-app upgrades needed) and that the three apps connect seamlessly with each other. In term of creativity buy ios app installs, my kids have been playing pretend and role playing with this for years. Kudos to the designers. 

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One recent suggestion from the youngest is for a Post Office.  She suggests buying stamps, stamping letters, mailing them, checking the PO Box and being able to read a letter. She thinks that would be perfect. Thank you for the years of fun!”

“I love the my play home series and I have them all and I have some suggestions.1)You should have a mall game where you could get your ears pierced(even the boys) and get electronics and other things like that.You should have a game where you can  go to an airport and go in an airplane and choose where you want to go and take a vacation and go to a hotel. 

You should have more houses and apartments.4)You should be able to drive a car or use public transportation.5)You should be able to grow up and get married and have children and name them.6)You should be able to get a job (ie. singer, teacher, actor/actress,doctor, dentist  artist photographer ect.)and earn money.7)There should be a hospital a doctors office a dentist office a public pool and stuff like that.8)The characters should be able to make recipes and art projects and wear makeup buy google play ratings.9)There should be more schools not just elementary school,college kids can stay in dorms and the school lunch menu should change every day.10)You should be able to name all the characters and make them talk.

I love my play home!!!!” “My PlayHome Stores is a great add-on app to the house! I love the store where you can purchase more food for the kitchen. When you get to mix and match the characters clothing, you really do feel like you are playing with actual dolls! Just the approach that the game producer wanted! 

I do have a few suggestions for this app. There could be more outfits, a daycare for the children, and an adoption center for family pets. With these small, but efficient changes, My PlayHome Stores is the ideal first add-on store app to the original house, My PlayHome! -The Secretary”

“I love this game when I first got it, but know its kinda boring to do the same things. The idea for the playground for the school was just what I wanted but when I saw, well there isn’t that much. So I have ideas for all three games.

For the home add more houses for the other family add different rooms like guest rooms and others. For stores buy app installs you should add pet store I wanted that ever since I saw that cat in the window sill for pets maybe add that you can make them follow a certain charactors or add leashes foo when ever you drag the person holding the rope the pets moves.

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