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We have more seats in the hall/stage more storage spaces close to classes and enough storage spaces for each understudy it would be exceptionally pleasant if there was a clinic with an emergency vehicle and lounge area (a spot where the infants could be conceived), police headquarters/uniform with squad car ,fire station/uniform with fire truck,restaurants with menus and servers/servers and kitchen, vehicle wash with laborers, little markets(candy), energizing spots, for example, exhibition halls and event congregations for amusement or field trips., childcare for babies I for one think about this as my preferred game and I love it a great deal yet it. an alternative to make the moms look pregnant changed sorts of vehicles that can be moved that have seat belts,car seats,trunk that can open numerous houses different sizes with various rooms so all families could have a home. distinctive seasons(rain,snow,wind)and have proper garments for the weather(raincoats/boots,big coats)jobs, for example, workplaces and processing plants for mother and father to work at money earning apps

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various houses separate spaces for the youngsters dependent on the sexual orientation and age. additional rooms/additional beds carport with apparatuses (yard trimmer) storage room/storm cellar with boxes loaded with stuff (trophies,books,other arbitrary stuff) more accessories(paintings,blankets,pillows,ect.) and furniture(dressers,desks,ect.)for the rooms a pool with swimsuits,diving board,pool toys have the television in the front room play various stations, motion pictures, computer games have a couch in the family room. a passage storage room washroom with hampers den for kids with white sheets, puzzles, toys,toy box,little chairs,drawing tables. more cupboards/seats in the kitchen more stores, for example, a furniture/home frill vehicle sales center with numerous choices of vehicles shoe store gems/cap storeĀ 


more garments in the store. also, can have the option to blend and match the bottoms and tops. garments for babies and diverse garments for youngsters. what’s more, totes that can hold things. (possibly extraordinary dress stores for every sexual orientation/age) child store with diapers,car seats,strollers,ect. possibly make a shopping center with different stores and a food court a greater assortment of food in the market seemingly insignificant details, for example, video games,perfumes,phones,ect. film/game store earn free talktime


pet store with creatures and accessories(food,cages,beds,collars/leashes)that can be brought home include an exercise center/play area/ball court./field/blacktop/storage spaces with regalia for P.E. class and educator music room. to have the option to play the instruments (piano,guitars,tubas,violins,ect.)music sheets workmanship room. to have the option to paint, draw, shape, ect. library. with numerous books/course books that understudies can peruse and bring home and PCs more study halls with enough seats for all kids to sit together candy machines office with medical caretaker and educator relax ensembles for dramatization to give performances on the stage

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