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Hello App developers. Today we are going to talk about android app installs and how to buy them. We have been writing a lot lately covering areas related to app promotion and marketing strategies. Continuing on the same line, we are writing this article which covers the ways to buy android app installs and the ways to buy IOS app downloads, reviews and ratings as well. Let’s get started then earn free talktime

App Ranking and visibility

Let us understand how your app behaves and works in the app store. We will be discussing about the Play Store and the ios store together as both these app stores behave more or less in the same manner. When you submit your app in any of these app stores, your app is cross verified against severe rules and guidelines implemented by Google and Apple respectively. Only after your app passes this authenticity test can your app will get successfully listed in the app store and if not; well you need to restart with the development cycle.

Lucky developers who get their app listed have to give an even tougher exam and that is the competition. There are thousands of apps which get listed daily in the app store and the net count of the app exceeds more than 2 million in the Play Store alone. Think of the competition there is honest money earning app.

Coming back, it is only after listing that you get in the real business and to win against the enormous crowd, there is a parameter called the app visibility. This app visibility decides whether your app is performing well or not. An app with high visibility will have more app installs and a better rating that an app with low visibility.

How is app visibility decided?

There are mainly three things that affect your app visibility as well as your app ranking in the app store. These are mainly the app downloads, your app ratings and the user reviews for your app. It is the combination of these factors which decide you’re app’s performance in the Play Store as well as the App Store. It might look simple. It is after all just reviews and ratings. But there is indeed more to it. The relationship that these factors share is a complex one. All these factors are inter-related meaning that one effects the way the other will perform earn talk time app.

Let’s start with app ratings. Your app rating is a measure of the quality of the app. The better the app rating, the better is your app’s quality and thus better it is performing in the Play Store as well as in the App Store. Now, if your app ratings are good, then obviously you will get more users who will download your app, thereby increasing your app installs. Getting good ratings is again a really challenging task. Until and unless people download and use your app, they won’t rate. This takes us back to the previous point. Remember we told that better rating apps 

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