Features That Every Top Online Journal App Should Have

Keeping an online journal has become a popular way for many people to track their daily habits, personal growth, and self-improvement. However, not all journal apps are created equal. The best journaling apps don’t just allow you to log your thoughts – they provide additional features that enhance the journaling experience. Here are four must-have features to look for in an online journal app.

Habit Tracker

An online habit tracker is an essential feature for any self-improvement-focused journal app. It allows you to select habits you want to build, like exercising daily or reading before bed. You can then track your progress over time. The best habit trackers make it easy to tick off each day you complete your habit and provide motivating visuals like streak chains to keep you focused.

Building lasting habits can be challenging, so a journal app needs to have your back. Look for habit trackers that allow you to customize tracked habits, set reminders, and provide analysis and encouragement about the habits you log. It should also come with an online health tracker to make you feel good about the daily improvements. Having quantifiable data on your habits enables you to set goals and reflect on what works for you.

Daily Motivational Quotes

In addition to tracking habits, a top-notch online journal will act as a top motivation app with inspirational quotes. Words can inspire action, so receiving regular doses of uplifting quotes gives fuel for personal growth. The quotes should provide food for thought and encourage self-reflection within your journal entries.

Ideally, the motivational quotes online should not be random but tied into self-improvement themes and your progress. For example, as your fitness tracker logs more workouts completed, you could get quotes about maintaining discipline. Positive reinforcement helps cement new behaviors. Check that the journal app pulls from an extensive database of motivational quotes so they stay fresh.

Integrated Fitness Tracking

Since physical health intersects with mental and emotional health, the ability to track your health metrics right in your journal provides helpful insight. Whether you log walks, runs, strength training sessions, or yoga, having quantitative records can reveal useful links between your physical activities and journal entries. Patterns may emerge – for example, you sleep better or feel less anxiety on days you exercise.

Built-in calendars and graphs allow you to analyze the data for revelations about your habits and well-being. When fitness tracking is directly integrated into the journal app rather than via a separate third-party app, reviewing your records becomes more seamless.

Encouraging Self-Love

Most importantly, your digital journal app should provide various features that nurture self-love and self-care. From reminders to engage in relaxing activities to thought-provoking journal prompts about your wins, the app experience should feel supportive. Trackers focused specifically on providing the features of a self love app, like gratitude, mood, or self-care habits, can encourage reflection on your gifts and emotional needs.


Ultimately, a journal app aimed at personal growth should feel like your own private mentor and cheerleader. The best journal apps recognize improving yourself requires self-compassion on the journey. Look for these features before downloading an online journal app. 

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